2017 Resolutions for Writers




What/who has flags to represent them?

Are there any laws or regulations on how flags are handled, stored, or flown?
>Which flags have these regulations?
>What, if anything, is the punishment for breaking these rules or reglations?

For each of the relevant flags in your setting, consider the following:
>What does the flag look like?
>>What colors and shapes are used?
>>What shape is the flag itself?
>>What is considered the standard size of the flag?

>>What are the meanings of the colors?
>>What are the meanings of the shapes?
>>Is there a meaning to the flag’s overall shape?

>What changes have been made to the flag over the years?
>>What prompted these changes?


Does your character want any piercings or tattoos?
>Do they know exactly what they want, or just a vague idea?

Has your character ever tried their hand at flower arranging?

How many different types of trees can your character recognize?

Has your character ever been in an area that was flooded?

As of this moment, what is the last thing your character ate?
>At this time of day, what would your character normally eat?

[submitted by anon]

Is your character the type that would participate in new dance crazes?

Does your character know how to weave?

Can your character recognize poison ivy, poison oak, or an equivalent plant in your setting?

Has your character ever been to a beach party?

When your character is tired, are they more likely or less likely to find a joke funny?

If your character were to text, would they use emojis?

What are your character’s top 10 most visited websites? (Or books if the story occurs pre-internet.)
>What are some of the sites you’d see upon opening the character’s browsing history? 

[submitted by @weareerratic]

Has your character ever bitten into a fruit and found a worm in it?
>How did they react?

Does your character do anything in particular to their hair before going to bed?