After-Death Theories and Myths


What are the most widely held beliefs on what happens to one after death?
>Is it believed that there is an afterlife?
>>What does the afterlife consist of?
>>>Is it different depending on your behavior while living?
>>>Is it different depending on your beliefs while living?
>Is it believed that one will be reincarnated?
>>How long do people believe it takes to be reincarnated?
>>>What happens in the interim?
>>What is believed to be the deciding factor of where and into what one will be reincarnated?
>>Is there believed to be an endpoint?
>Is it believed that there is nothing after death?
>Are there other beliefs held?

Do people tend to find their beliefs on the matter comforting, or does it frighten them? (If, for example, they believed in the afterlife, and that it was very difficult to get a pleasant afterlife, they may find themselves very stressed and frightened when thinking about the afterlife.)

Do people get defensive when their beliefs are questioned?

Do people get combative or argumentative over the topic?

Is there any legitimate proof supporting any of the ideas?

What actually happens to people after death in your setting?