Animals and Society's Relationship With Them


What does your setting’s people, as a whole, feel about non-human animals?
>Are animals seen as disgusting?
>>Is it because of sexual habits?
>>Lack of human-like hygiene?
>>Inability or unwillingness to obey human commands?
>>Inability to use toilets/chamber pots/whatever it is that the humans use?
>>Regurgitation of food?
>>Eating regurgitated food?
>Are animals seen as equals to humans?
>>If so, is it simply because they are recognized as living?
>>>Are plants also respected as being equals?
>>Is it that neither animals nor humans is seen as anything good, and are therefore equal in their worthlessness?
>Are animals seen as greater or more noble than humans?
>>Is this because they are viewed as being “without sin”?
>>Is it because they are better hunters?
>>Is it because of the common misconception that animals only kill for food?
>Are certain animals seen as better than others?
>>For example, are ones that can be or currently are used as livestock seen as better than scavengers that cannot be?
>Are animals viewed as a source of food?
>>All of them, or just certain ones?
>>Does source of food imply eating the animal itself, or a product the animal creates?
>Are animals valued as companions and pets?
>>Only creatures that assist with things like hunting, tracking, or delivering?
>>Or others as well, specifically, ones that just sit there and are used solely for companionship?
>Is your society diverse enough that many of these views are present?
>Which ones are most prevalent in the area closest to your protagonist?