Arming Your Population


What kinds of weapons exist?
>>Other weapons?
>>Throwing spears?
>Miscellaneous weapons
>>Pepper spray?

Legality and restrictions
>>Is there a minimum age to purchase weapons?
>>Is a license required to own or handle weapons?
>>At what point does a tool become a weapon?
>>Are there any restrictions or regulations on kitchen equipment?
>>Are there any on farming equipments?
>>Any other sharp or heavy equipments?
>Armed forces
>>Are there any restrictions for the armed forces?
>>Are members of the armed forces allowed to keep their weapons while not on active duty?
>>Are members allowed to keep their weapons after returning to civilian life?
>What can people be punished for in regards to weaponry?
>>Possession without a license?
>>Purchase without license?
>>Selling weaponry without a license?
>>Any possession of weaponry?
>>Use of illegal weaponry?
>>Use of any weaponry?

>What are the punishments?
>>Unarmed civilians
>>>Are unarmed civilians unarmed by choice or by force?
>>>>By choice
>>>>>Do they trust their government and law enforcement to protect them?
>>>>>Are they afraid of the weapons?
>>>>By force
>>>>>Who does the enforcing?