Availability of Information


Does writing exist?
>What percentage of people are literate?
>Which groups tend to be more literate?

Do books exist?
>What are they made of?
>Are they hand-written or are there machines to quickly make copies?
>Where can books be bought?
>How much do books cost?
>>Are they prohibitively expensive, or can most people afford them?
>Do people have enough free time to read, or are they too busy working to survive?
>Are books mostly reserved for dedicated, professional scholars?

Do libraries exist?
>Are there public libraries, or only private libraries?

Can information be learned on one’s own, or do people have to find someone to teach them?
>Are apprenticeships common?
>>How many apprenticeships do people go through?
>>>Just one?
>>>More than one?

Do schools exist?
>Are they open to the public?
>What ages are accepted into schools?
>Do schools require tuition?
>Do prospective students need to take a test in order to apply?
>Are school textbooks available to the public, or can they only be accessed by being a student?
>Do schools offer any facilities (such as libraries) for public use?

Does anything like the internet exist?
>How easily accessible is it?