Banned and Illegal Magic


Are there specific spells/enchantments that are illegal, or is there just entire types of magic that are illegal?
>Which specific spells are illegal?
>Which types of magic are illegal?
>>Summoning magic?
>>Curse making?
>>Other types?

Are there illegal magical items?
>Which types of magical items have legal restrictions on them?
>>Other items?
>What do the restricted items do?

Where are they illegal?
>Who made them illegal?
>When were they made illegal?
>Why were they made illegal?

What are the punishments for using the illegal magic/s?
>Which spells/items/types of magic are fined, but given no jail time?
>Which spells/items/types of magic are misdemeanors?
>Which ones are serious crimes/felonies?
>Are there any that are given a death penalty?

Is there an illegal market for these types of magic?
>How expensive are they?