Beauty Standards


This prompt is to help you set up beauty standards for your setting. While individuals will likely have different tastes, a majority will think of certain physical traits as desired, whether this preference was inborn or due to socialization matters not.
If the main species in you setting is sexually dimorphic, be sure to go through this with both sexes.


The body
Length ratios
>In regards to torso length and leg length, is it considered better to have a longer torso, an equal amount of torso and legs, or longer legs?
>In regards to fingers and hands, is it preferred to have a long, average, or short palm? Is it preferred to have short, medium, or long fingers? Is it preferred to have large hands overall, or short hands?

Muscle mass
>Are visible muscles attractive?
>>Are bulky, shapely muscles considered better, or are denser, corded muscles considered better?

Skin tone
>Is it considered more attractive to have darker, sun-tanned skin, or is it considered more attractive to have skin that’s paler and has been covered from the sun?

Fat mass
>Is it considered more attractive to have little body fat (which would make muscles more visible as well) or to have more body fat (a healthy amount, or more in the “obesity” category)? Please consider the abundance of food in your setting, as a setting with little food would associate higher levels of fat with wealth, making the trait more attractive.
>>If more fat it preferred, is there a specific fat distribution pattern that is found more attractive than the others?

>Is it considered attractive to be shorter than average, average, or taller than average?

If the overall preferred body type was summarized in one word, what would it be? (Waif-like? Sturdy? Beefy? Voluptuous? etc)


The hair

>What hair type is considered most attractive? You don’t need to be terribly specific, “straight”, “wavy”, or “curly” will suffice.
>What hair color is preferred, if any? (If there’s not a specific color, is light, medium, or dark hair preferred, or is there no preference?) Please note: it’s entirely possible that your setting may only have one hair color, depending on when and where your setting is.

>What length of hair is considered most attractive, if any?

>Is there a preferred hairstyle/haircut?
>>If so, remember to consider the amount of hair required to create the style.


The face

>Many people consider the face to be divided into three portions: the forehead, from the hairline to the eyebrows; the nose, from the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose; and the mouth/chin, from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin.
>These areas are usually about the same size, however it’s entirely possible to have one section longer or shorter than the others, or to have all three different lengths.
>If the ratio of forehead:nose:chin being equal is 1:1:1, what would the most attractive ratio be in your setting?

>Are there any parts of the face that are considered attractive when they are proportionally smaller or larger than normal?

Eye color
>Is there a particular eye color that is considered more attractive than the others?

>Is there a preferred face shape?
>Is there a preferred eye shape?
>Is there a preferred eyebrow shape?
>Is there a preferred nose shape?
>Is there a preferred mouth shape?
>Is there a preferred ear shape?

Is it considered more attractive when people express their emotions in the form of facial expressions, or is it considered more attractive when a person creates a more stoic appearance?

Symmetry is near-universally found attractive in terms of faces.


The adornments

>How much of a person’s body should be covered?
>>Is it considered attractive/acceptable for leg to show?
>>Is it considered attractive/acceptable for part or all of the torso to show?
>Are garments to be more form-fitted, loose, or structured to obscure the natural body shape (or give the illusion of the desired body shape)?
>Are there clothing colors that are considered more attractive? (In low-tech societies, consider what dyes would cost the most money to produce, as those would be associate with wealth and be desirable as a result.)
>What type of silhouette is preferred?

>Is there a particular type of shoe that is considered more attractive?

Hair accessories
>Are there any hair accessories, such as pins or nets, that are widely considered attractive?
>>Are there any hair covers, such as hats, which are widely considered attractive? What type?

Piercings/body modifications
>Are there any piercings or other body modifications (tattoos, scars, etc) that are considered attractive?
>>Are these taken be a person’s own volition, or are they given as a coming-of-age type ceremony?


How often do these standards change?