Becoming Immortal


How can one gain immortality?
>Something else?

If immortality is gained by moving one’s consciousness into another body, what happens to the other person’s consciousness?
>Does the other person have a say in whether this happens or not?
>What is consciousness defined as?
>If there is something physically wrong with the person’s original brain, will the problems caused by that be fixed upon entering the other person’s body?

What happens if the effect wears out?
>Do they die immediately?
>Do they age super quickly to the age they would have been had they not become immortal?
>Do they start aging again from that point forward?
>>Does it continue at the same rate as everyone else?
>>Does the speed  of aging change from everyone else’s?

Does the brain still age when the body doesn’t?
>If one becomes immortal before puberty, will they be permanently infertile and unable to grasp complex concepts that require further brain development?
>If a person has a degenerative brain disorder (such as Alzheimer’s or dementia), will it be fixed by becoming immortal?
>>Will the progress of the disease be stopped?
>>Will it continue as is?

What kind of people seek immortality?

What is the success rate for becoming immortal (using methods that actually have the ability to make one immortal)?

What negative effects of becoming immortal are there?
>Increased hubris?
>Inability to relate and empathize with others?
>Depression and seclusion after seeing everyone and everything they know and love die and disappear?
>Hatred for the people changing things?

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