Being Mannerly


>What are polite topics for conversation?
>How far apart do people stand when speaking to each other?
>How do people refer to people above them in social status? (Last name? Title? Something else?)
>When is formal speech required? (Formal events? Work? Any time one is in public?)
>Is eye contact expected when conversing?
>Are there any topics that are always considered inappropriate?
>Are there any words or phrases that are always considered inappropriate?

What, if anything, are people expected to say after sneezing, coughing, or burping?
>>What, if anything, are people who witness another person sneeze, cough, or burp expected to say?

Personal space
>How much space should be given when walking by another?
>How much space should be given when sitting near a stranger?
>How much space should be given when conversing?
>When walking (or moving in general) past another, are you supposed to pass people on right or left?

Receiving gifts
>What is the appropriate reaction when receiving a gift?
>>Does this apply to gift-giving holidays/celebrations as well, or just to other gifts?
>Are your expected to open it immediately?
Giving gifts
>When is giving a gift required? (Holidays? Host gifts? Baby showers? Consolation gifts?)
>>What types of gifts are appropriate?

Are unmannerly people shunned or looked down upon?
>Has being unmannerly become the norm?

How are children taught manners? (Parents? Teachers? Little Rhymes? Overused sayings?)