Can People Fly in Your Setting?


How much weight can a person carry with them (while flying) effectively?
>Does it depend on practice?
>Physical strength?
>Will power?

How fast of winds can they go through?
>Breezes, I’m sure, are fine, but what about gales?
>How fast can the wind be, perpendicular to them, before they get knocked off course?

Have any of them created a flying lift service?

Do they help people get their cats out of trees?

Do ladder companies hate them?

Are there more of them in construction work and window cleaning than in other professions?

Do no-fly zones for air crafts also apply to them?
>Are there specific no-fly zones just for them?
>>Are those everywhere?

Is there a flying police squad?

Are they used in military activities?

Does flying require concentration or is it more akin to walking?

Does the public judge flyers or telepaths more harshly?