Does Telepathy Exist in Your Setting?


How, exactly, does telepathy work?
>Does the telepath hear the thoughts as though they were spoken?
>Do they see the words as though they were written?
>Do they glean the gist of the thoughts, but not the exact phrasing?
>Can a telepath be blind or deaf?
>>Do they get the thoughts in another way, or are they incapable of being telepaths?
>>If they are incapable of being telepaths, has anyone ever intentionally blinded or deafened a telepath in order to get rid of their ability?
>Can telepaths only get current thoughts, or can they look/listen through past thoughts as well?
>Is there anything a person can do to prevent a telepath from hearing their thoughts?
>Can telepaths interact with peoples’ minds other than just hearing them?
>>Can they put thoughts in another’s head?
>>>Would the other person hear these in a different voice, or would it come to them in the tone they think in naturally?
>>Can they manipulate, destroy, or add memories?
>Does telepathy come naturally to telepaths, or is it something that needs to be worked at and honed?
>Is there anything a telepath can do to keep from hearing others’ thoughts?
>Is their ability always “on”, or do they have to expend efforts to hear/read thoughts?

Does the government have any invested interest in using telepaths for any purposes?
>Against the telepath’s will, or as gainful employment?
>Do they wish to create a literal thought-police department?

What are the public’s thoughts and feelings about telepaths and telepathy in general?