Appearance and bodies
>Are centaurs carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores? Consider the effect this will have on their:
>>Digestive system
>>Here’s a link to some brief descriptions of how their diet would affect these things.
>>How many hearts does a centaur have?
>>>Which rib cage is it/are they located in?
>>How many lungs do they have?
>>>Which rib cage is it/are they located in?
>>What horse breed/s can a centaur’s back half resemble?
>>>Can centaurs resemble equids other than horses?
>>What human body type/s can a centaur’s top half resemble?
>Body hair
>>Does the human half have body hair on it?
>>>Is the texture like human body hair or like horse hair?
>>Do they have manes?
>>What eye colors are possible for centaurs?
>>What hair colors are possible for centaurs?
>>What head hair colors are possible?
>>What body hair colors are possible?
>>>What patterns are possible?
>>What shape is the pupil?
>>Can centaurs see color?
>>Can they see other spectrums that humans cannot see?
>>Can centaurs see in the dark?
>On average, how much do centaurs weigh at birth?
>How much do adult centaurs weigh on average?
>>How do centaurs reproduce?
>>>Are they magically created?
>>>Are they born through sexual reproduction?
>>>>What method is used for this?
>>>>How long is the gestation period?
>>>Are they born or created another way?
>>>Where do infants suckle?
>>>>From the human chest?
>>>>From the horse chest?
>>>How much is a newborn able to do? Consider the information here when deciding this.

Living arrangements
>Do centaurs live in forests?
>>Other biomes?
>Do centaurs live in houses, or do they use a different type of shelter?

>Are centaurs generally more intelligent, less intelligent, or of equal intelligence to humans?

>How do centaurs communicate?
>>If they can speak, do they have their own language?
>>>Do they have more than one language?
>You may wish to consider some of the specifics on my previous language posts.

>Are centaurs more similar to lone animals, pack animals, or herd animals?
>How densely populated do centaurs prefer their societies to be?
>>Does this depend on the individual, or is there a general consensus?
>For other things related to creating centaur societies, consider looking through my Settings Sundays prompts.

>Are there any skills that are actively encouraged and/or required among centaurs? (This would make it so most, if not all, centaurs would have at least rudimentary knowledge of these skills.)
>>Any other skills?

>If centaurs are carnivores or omnivores, what animals/creatures do they consume?
>>Cooked or raw?
>>>What cooking methods are used?
>If they are herbivores or omnivores, which plants do they consume?
>>Do they cook their food or eat it raw?
>>>What cooking methods do they use?
>Do they have any natural predators?
>>What defenses have they created to protect themselves from these predators?

What human-like abilities do centaurs have that horses do not?
>Are centaurs able to read or write?
>Are they able to easily climb or descend stairs?
>What other human-like abilities do centaurs have?

What horse-like abilities do centaurs have that humans do not?
>Can centaurs run significantly faster than humans?
>Can centaurs jump significantly higher or longer than humans?
>What other horse-like abilities do centaurs have?