Common Hygiene Practices


Hair hygiene:
>Does shampoo exist?
>Does conditioner exist?
>Is long hair considered dirty?
>Is natural hair oil considered dirty?
>Do hair brushes or combs exist?
>>Is unbrushed or uncombed hair considered dirty?
>Is there a way to remove body hair?
>Is body hair considered dirty?

Skin hygiene:
>Does soap exist?
>>If not, what do people use to clean their skin and remove dead skin?
>Do devices exist to remove callouses and other patches of dead skin exist?
>Are there different products available for different skin needs?

Oral hygiene:
>Do toothbrushes exist?
>What are they made of?
>Does tooth-floss exist?
>Does toothpaste exist?
>Is not brushing or flossing your teeth considered gross or unhygienic?
>Do mouthwashes exist?
>Does dentistry exist?
>Does orthodontia exist?
>>Are crooked teeth considered dirty or undesirable?

Waste disposal:
>What is done with your species’ digestive waste?
>How do people clean themselves after relieving themselves?
>How is digestive waste of pets and livestock removed?
>>What is done with it after it is removed?