Community Behaviors and Values


How social is your active setting?
>Do people hang out at their neighbors’ houses?
>Are there frequent barbecues and gatherings large groups are invited to attend?
>Do people stop and greet each other?
>Does everyone know everyone?
>How welcoming are the inhabitants to new people?
>What is the default topic for small talk?
>>Sports? Weather? Church? Health? Relationships? Traffic?
>Is there any slang used in this particular area, but not elsewhere?
>Is there a sense of community/neighborliness?
>Do people tend to pay with favors or money?
>How accepting are the people of others’ eccentricities?
>How close do people stand while talking?
>Do people often touch each other? (Handshakes, pats on the shoulder, hugs, etc.)

What are the area’s values?
>Safety? Welcomeness? Presentability? Work ethic? Honesty? Piousness? Normalacy? Loyalty? Physical strength? Intelligence? Charisma?
>>How are people who do not display these traits treated?
>>What profession are considered respectable?
>How wasteful are the people on average?
>Are the people more likely to DIY a project or hire someone?

Which is held in higher regard: individual expression or group cohesion?
>Are there any acceptable body mods?
>What is considered acceptable clothing?
>>How frequently does this change?
>>Is the acceptable clothing modest (consider both in terms of coverage and ornamentation) or showy?

How adaptable is the area?
>Are the people able to recover after natural disasters or particularly inclement weather?
>How quickly do the people embrace scientific and technological advances/discoveries?

In general, how adventurous are the people?

Do the citizens feel safe?
>Do they lock their doors?
>Have there been in major crimes in the area’s history?
>Do the people tend to assume innocence or guilt of accused individual?
>Is jay-walking common?
>Is underage drinking okayed/ignored?

Do the people have a lax or strict work ethic?
>How punctual are people expected to be?