Creating a Tyranny


Definition of a Tyranny
Principles of Tyranny

What it means for your story:

Who is in control?
>Do they have absolute power, or do they work with a council?
>>If they work with a council, how do they insure the council is on their side?
>Does the public hold them in high regard, or are they just too afraid to complain?
>How did they come into power?

Regarding laws:
>Illegal sexual deviations
>>Are homosexuals and homosexual acts illegal?
>>Are extramarital affairs illegal?
>>>At what point is it considered an affair?
>>Is divorce illegal?
>>Is sex before marriage illegal?
>>>How is sex defined?

>Illegal opinions and theological deviations
>>Is speech restricted?
>>>What are the restrictions?
>>Are books, media, music, and art restricted?
>>>In what ways are they restricted?
>>>Are textbooks and other study materials likewise restricted/censored?
>>Is the studying of science, or the practice of scientific experimentation restricted?
>>>Is anyone allowed to involve themselves in scientific practice?
>>>>If not, what are the regulations and requirements for being allowed to study science?
>>>>Are their experiments and studies chosen be the researchers themselves, or by the tyrant/council?
>>Are the rules and laws of a singular religion enforced?
>>>What religion, rules, and laws?
>>>Are people allowed to practice their own religion as long as they follow all of the enforced rules?

>What are other laws that exist?

What is the punishment for breaking the laws?
>Is the perpetrator punished individually, or is their family also punished?
>>If their family is also punished, how close are the members punished?
>>>Is it the immediate family (parents, siblings, and children)?
>>>Are their descendants punished as well?
>>>>For how many generations?
>Is the punishment done privately or publicly?
>Are criminals executed, fined, or sent to prisons?
>>Are prisons work camps or factories?
>>Are prisons rehabilitation facilities?
>>Are prisons torture/indoctrination facilities?

>Who enforcers the laws?
>Are private affairs (the comings and goings in one’s home) monitored?

How long has the tyranny been functional?
>Has anyone ever tried to overthrow it?
>Who is set to come into power after the event of the current ruler’s death?
>Do people think this will be an improvement?