Creating Buildings in Your Setting


>>Some other material?
>>Reed mats?
>>>Logs or planks?
>>Some other material?
>>Are interior walls made from different materials than outer walls?

Are they one room buildings, or multi-room?

Are they permanent or temporary?

Who builds them?
>Designated builders?
>The owners?

Are there multi-level buildings?
>How common are they?
>How high can they get?
>What is used to get between the floors?
>>Are there alternative method for those who cannot use the main method, due to health or due to them moving something between the floors?

How safe are the buildings?
>Can their openings be locked to prevent intruders?
>Are they flame resistant?
>Can they withstand an earthquake?
>Are they water-proof?
>Can they withstand high winds?
>>Tornadoes and hurricanes as well, or no?
>Do they offer protection to the people inside of the buildings from things like angry animals or weapons?
>Do the walls dampen sounds so one can safely hold a private conversation?

How long, on average does it take to make a building?
>Does it depend on the type of building?
>>Which type takes the longest?