Creating Curses


How do curses work?
>How are they set?
>How long do they last?
>Are curses different from jinxes and hexes?
>>If so, what is the order of strength, from weakest to strongest?
>What kinds of things can curses do?
>>Can curses do good things (for example, give people good luck), or can they only do bad things?
>>>Do curses that do good things get called a different name? (Kind of like the old “all Xs are also Ys, but not all Ys are also Xs” thing?)
>Who can make them?
>>Do these people require training, or does it come naturally to them?
>>Are these people feared, respected, or ignored, mostly?

Are there different levels of curses?
>How do those work?

Are curses seen as taboo or normal?

Can curses be removed?
>Who can get rid of them?

Do people think they exist or that they are superstition?