Creating Language


Has the setting caused the language to split into multiple dialects?
>Can they still communicate effectively, or are they practically different languages now?
Is the written language phonetic or pictorial? Meaning, do the characters represent sounds that need to be strung together to form words (like in English) or words (like in Chinese)?
What direction is it read in? Remember, languages are written in two directions: the direction you read a line of text in, and then the direction you find the next line of text in.
>Left to right or right to left?
>Top to bottom or bottom to top?
>Remember, languages are written in two directions: the direction you read a line of text in, and then the direction you find the next line of text in.
>Are there multiple ways? (Such as how there is also a vertical orientation for English writing.)
Do the letters/characters look similar?
>Even to natives?
>Can poor penmanship completely prevent comprehension?
How many verb forms are there? (For example, the forms of ‘to run’ would be “run”, “ran”, and “running”.)
>Or are they more reliant on sentence context? If this is the case, characters would likely need to listen to the entire sentence to tell if something is going to happen, or already has.
If someone were to have a damaged or missing tongue, or missing teeth, would they still be able to communicate verbally and be understood?
What types of communication exist?
If there were a dog and a creature that was exactly the same as a dog, except it could breathe fire, would one be considered a sub-species of the other, or would they be considered different species entirely?
How many forms has the language gone through?
>Can people still understand the earliest form?
>Can they still read it?
Does the language contain phonetics that are difficult or outright impossible for a non-native speaker to replicate?
Are there any/many phonetics natives would have difficulty with were they to learn a new language?
How many words have long lists of synonyms?
>Is there a specific pattern to which words do? (Emotions, types of soil, weather, etc)
Are there any words that mean both one thing and its exact opposite? (These can be called contranyms, auto-antonyms, anantiodromes or antilogies depending on which source you look at.)
Are there any words that sound like they would be opposites but are the same, just derived in a different manner? (For example: flammable and inflammable.)
How many words can be/are used as sexual innuendo?
>How innocuous are they?
How many horrible things sound innocuous?
How many innocuous things sound horrible?
How extensive, if at all, is the slang that is related to the language?
>Are there a few words, or is it practically a language unto itself?
>Are there multiple forms of the slang?
Is there a separate alphabet for legal documents?


[This post was previously titled with the terrible pun, "The Words of the Worlds".]