Who decided that they are demons?
>Is “demon” a specific species (including subspecies), or is it a term given to anything non-human and non-animal?
>>Are demons magical or mundane? Meaning, were they created by magic, or did they simply evolve into existence like everything else?
>Why “demon”?
>>Was it a religion that had a part in classifying them?
>Is there a difference between the word “demon” and the word “monster” in your setting?

Are they intelligent?
>Do they have a government?
>A hierarchy?
>A language?
>A culture?
>A religion?
>What do they call themselves?
>Do they get irritated when people call them demons?

Are they innately good, evil, or neutral? If you’re wondering why something good would be called a demon, you should look into the motives of the group that classified the species as such.

Are there different subspecies of demons?

What do they look like?
>Are they bipedal?
>How do they move?
>What shape are their pupils?

Can they use magic?

What do demons eat?
>If they are omnivorous or carnivorous, what are their hunting techniques?
>>Is their prey smaller than they are?
>>Do they take down larger game?
>>>Do they work as a group or by themselves?
>>What part of their prey do they strike first?
>>How often are their hunts successful?
>>Or do they just buy their meat from a grocery store?
>>>If a demon does this, do the other demons look down on them?
>>If they eat carrion, how rotted can the meat get before they can no longer consume it? Fun little bit of information on this post going around tumblr.

Are demons nocturnal?

Are demons hunted by humans?
>For sport or for reward?