Do People Have Super Speed in Your Setting?


How fast can they go?

Can they run over water?

Do they have a tendency toward ADD/ADHD? *

Does their movement cause hearing damage to those around them?

How do they protect themselves from bugs/wind/etc that could severely damage them?

Does their increased speed cause them to age prematurely?

Does their increased speed also increase the speed of their healing?

Do they need to eat more than normal people?
>How much more?

Can they control it?

*I am referring to the prevalence of ADD and ADHD in the population of people with super speed compared to the population without super speed. If a writer decides that the person with super speed has a mind fast enough to keep up with their body, then the writer would also have to take into consideration that this would cause everything else to seem very slow, even dragging. This would likely make the characters with super speed stop paying attention, whether because they got bored, or because it was to difficult for them to pay close attention to something that took relative hours. Again, the “tendancy” is referring to the statistical likeliness of a given character with super speed to also have ADD or ADHD.