Does Divine Intervention Exist in Your Setting?


How many divine entities exist in your setting?
>What makes these entities divine?
>How are they created?
>Of these, how many are capable of intervening in the story?

How many divine entities choose to intervene?
>What is their reason for doing so?
>>Do they have their own desires?
>>Are they competing with another divine entity?
>>Are they playing, using the non-divine as chess pieces or other forms of entertainment?
>>Is it to insure that the theory of karma is fully in effect?
>If they are capable of intervening, but choose not to, what is their reason for not intervening?
>>The belief of free will?
>>The belief that “you reap what you sow”?
>>The same reason humans watch TV– for the entertaining suspense factor?

Are they capable of intervening directly, or do they have to go through a non-divine entity?
>If they can do both, how do they decide which to do?
>>For the ones that intervene by using a non-divine entity as a catalyst, how do they decide which non-divine entity to use?
>>>How do they insure that the other non-divine entities will listen to the one they are using?
>>>How do they insure that non-divine entities they have not chosen do not pretend they have been chosen?
>>>What abilities does the chosen entity have, if any?
>>>>Can they perform magic or miracles?
>>>>Can they only speak the words of the divine entity?
>>>>Does their body change physically, whether noticeable from the outside or not?
>>>How many entities can they use as catalysts at a time?
>>>>Is there actually a limit to how many they are capable of using, or are they only limited by the amount of suitable candidates?
>>>Is there a specific name for the ones chosen?
>>>>Priest, prophet, sage, cleric, chosen one, etc.

For the ones that intervene directly, what form does the intervention take?
>Does the divine entity come down to the area that needs intervention themselves?
>>What form do they take when they do?
>Do they send things to the area such as plagues, weather (fair or ill), soldiers, healers, wise men, or the like?
>Do they create entirely new species or planets?