Does Magic Exist in Your Setting?


If not, are there people who believe it does?
>Do these people believe it to be caused by magical creatures? Witches? Gods?
>Do these people believe in things like fortune telling and witchcraft?

If so, how does it work?
>Is it something a person needs to be born with or can anybody do it?
>Is a person born with a magical ability and only one (like a super power), or can they do multiple forms of magic (like witchcraft)?
>Does using magic require any tools or elements?
>>Do they need wands or staffs?
>>Candles and magic circles?
>>Cauldrons and potions?
>Do they need to be in contact with the person/object they are trying to use magic on, or can magic be used remotely?
>Does anything need to be said to invoke magic?
>Can practice make a person’s magic stronger, or are they stuck with one strength?
>What are the effects of using magic on the caster?
>>Does it come with a price, or is it unlimited?
>>Does it physically exhaust them?
>>Does it shorten their lifespan?
>>Does it make them lose things? (Memory, sight, speech, mobility, etc?)
>How are magic users treated?
>>Like kings or queens?
>>Like pariahs or lepers?
>>>Are there any groups calling for their imprisonment or extermination?
>>>Are they forcibly sterilized?
>>>Are they physically mutilated to prevent them from using magic (tongues cut out, hands cut off, etc)?
>>Like everyone else because literally anyone can use it?
>>>If everyone can use it, how are people with stronger magics treated?
>>>How are people with weaker magics treated?
>>>Is there a different price for every user, or does everyone receive the same effect when invoking magic?
>>>>How does this affect society? Remember, if people just need a nap afterwords, magic use is likely to be far more common than if everyone looses their sight.
>>>>Are there any accommodations the society has created to benefit magic users?
>>>>>For example, if loosing sight is common, do they have a version of braille? If loss of mobility is common, do they have an equivalent of wheelchairs? If loss of memory, do they have free literacy classes and journals so people can write down things they don’t want to forget?
>Are magic users forced to register anywhere?
>>Is the registry available for public viewing?
>What can magic do?
>>Is magic purely destructive?
>>Is there healing magic?
>>Are there practical applications, like creating lights or moving objects?