Is dueling legal?
>Which types of duels are legal?
>Which types are illegal?
>Which ones have no laws either way?

Why might someone challenge another to a duel?
>Which reasons are most likely to be accepted?

Which types of duels are most common?
>>Which ones?
>>Directly against the opponent, or against their score?
>>Armed or unarmed?
>>>Which weapons are most common?
>>>>Gun, bows, or other projectiles?
>>>>>Is live ammo used, or is some manner of safety ammo used? (Rubber bullets, paint balls, practice arrows, etc)
>>>>Swords or other melee weapons?
>>>>>Are blades made from metal or softer materials?
>>>>>Are blades supposed to be dulled before use in duels?
>>When is this type of duel generally considered over?

How many witnesses are needed to make a duel official?

Do the duelists get to bring a second?

Where are duels held?

What precautions are taken to ensure bystanders are not injured?