Educating Your Characters


Is there compulsory education?
>What subjects?
>>Is the syllabus lacking?
>>Does it contain superfluous subjects and unneeded information?
>What are the consequences for an individual who chooses not to attend?
>What are the consequences for someone who actively prevents another from attending?
>Where is the education taught and by whom?
>>Teachers at a school?
>>Scribes at a church?
>>Clerks at a law office?
>>Parents at home?
>If there is no compulsory education, why?
>>Is education, as a whole, not valued?
>>Is the society not developed enough to create such a thing?
>Are things like local flora and fauna common knowledge?
>>Do citizens know what plants and creatures should be avoided and how?
>>Do citizens know what plants and creatures can be safely consumed?
>>Is this officially taught, or is the information informally passed around?
>>>Is it possible for someone to miss this information if they are socially isolated or orphaned?
>Does the syllabus also contain elective subjects?
>>Are they available to common folk, or do the cost a large sum?
>Do citizens learn about history, or is it considered unnecessary?
>Advanced maths, or just arithmetic?
>How much knowledge of physics has the society as a who discovered?
>>Do they vaguely know of gravity?
>>Can they explain tides?
>>Do they know pressure causes heat?
>How much is know about the human body, or biology in general?
>>Is this taught?