Which elements have elemental species?
>Are there multiple types of elementals per element?

>If there is more than one type of elemental, what do each of them look like?
>>How many limbs do they have?
>>What animal do they most look like?
>>What color are they?

>Do elementals reproduce like animals or were they magically created?
>>If they were magically created, was it intentional or was it the result of natural magical phenomena?

Where do they live?
>Where can they survive?

Do they get along with:
>Each other?
>Elementals of different elements?
>Non-elemental magical creatures?
(Make sure to consider what also lives in the same area as them.)

What do they eat or otherwise use as sustenance?
>If they eat creatures, what is their favorite prey?
Do they have any natural predators?

How do they communicate?
>With each other?
>With elementals of other elements?
>With non-elementals?

Are they intelligent?

Can they use magic?
>Can they only use magic of the same element as them?
>Are there any neutral magics they can use?