For the purpose of this post, the spelling “fairy” and the plural “fairies” will be used. The fairies referred to in this post are generic fairies, and not any other type of fae.

Do fairies exist in your setting?
>How is their name spelled?
>>Are multiple spellings used?
>>>Do they refer to different types of fairies?

>Are there elemental fairies?
>Are there fairies of natural phenomena? (Weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc)
>Are there fairies of plants and other flora?

>Are fairies born like humans and other mammals?
>Are fairies hatched from eggs?
>Are fairies created by magic?

>>Are fairies human sized?
>>Are fairies bug sized?
>>Are they larger?
>>Are they smaller?
>>Are they in between the two?
>>If fairies reproduce by mating, can two fairies of dissimilar size reproduce?

>Do they have wings?
>>Are fairy wings all the same, or do different fairies have different types of wings?
>>Wing types:
>>>Do fairy wings look like moth wings?
>>>Do they look like butterfly wings?
>>>Do they look like bird wings?
>>>Do they look like beetle wings?
>>>Do they look like bat wings?
>>>Do they look like another type of wings?
>>How much mobility do their wings have?
>>How quickly can they change direction?
>>Can they fly backwards?
>>How quickly can fairies fly?

>>Are the bodies of fairies humanoid?
>>What skin colors can fairies have?
>>>Is their skin soft? Smooth? Rough?
>>What eye colors can fairies have?
>>>Can fairies see in the dark?
>>>Are there things fairies can see that humans can not?
>>>>What things?
>>Do fairies have hair?
>>>What type of hair do they have?
>>>>Are there different types of hair they can have?
>>>>Are they all like human hair?
>>>>Are they more like plant materials?

>Do fairies wear clothing type things?
>>What does their clothing look like?
>>What is it made of?
>Do fairies wear any accessories?
>>What types?
>>What are they made of?

Do fairies have an extensive emotional range?

What, if anything, do fairies eat?

Do fairies have any natural predators?

What is a fairy’s natural habitat?
>Are there different types of fairies that live in different habitats?
>>Do they have different foods and predators?

Do fairies improve the local ecosystem?
>For example, do they pollinate flowers?

How do fairies communicate?
>Can fairies use human speech?
>>Are fairies capable of lying?

Can fairies use magic?
>What kind of magic can they use?

Are there fairy godparents?
>Which fairies can become magical godparents?
>How are their godchildren chosen?
>What are they capable of doing?
>How long does their magic work?