How are familiars gained?
>Are they granted?
>>Who grants them?
>>>How do they decide who deserves one?
>Are familiars created?
>>Is there a special spell or ritual required for this?
>Are they found?
>>Where can they be found?
>>What does someone have to do after finding one?
>Are familiars earned?
>>Who decides the familiar is earned? The familiar themselves?

Who can get a familiar?
>Does the person have to be a magic user?
>Are there any species restrictions?
>Does a person have to be a certain strength or at a certain level of ability in order to get a familiar?

How common are familiars?

What can familiars do?
>How do familiars benefit their masters?
>Does it depend on what the familiar is?

How do familiars communicate with their masters?

How strong are familiars?
>Do they get stronger?
>>Is this scaled with their master’s strength?