Families in the Average Household


What is the average number of children per couple?

Who takes care of the children?
>The mother?
>The father?
>The grandparents?
>A nanny?
>The older siblings?

Who is the assumed legal guardian of the children in the case of divorce?
>If neither parent is alive or fit to be legal guardians, who gets custody of the children?
>>Does custody go to a relative, or do the children go up for adoption?
>Do they children get a say in the matter?

Who does the average household consist of (spouses, kids, grandparents, etc)?

Do kids usually get their own room?
>Do they share with siblings?
>Do they share with parent/s?
>>Which one/s?
>>If only one of the parents stays with the children, does that parent ever go back to the same room as their spouse?

Do families eat together?

Is birth order important?
>Are there any special duties placed on the firstborn?

Do children move out?
>Which ones

What form of bathing is used?
>Baths? Showers? Sponge baths?
Do members of a family bathe together?
Do they bathe in certain order? (Oldest to youngest, youngest to oldest, etc.)

How much say do parents have in who their children marry?

How much say do children have in whether or not their parents remarry (such as after the death of a spouse)?

How much choice do children have in their schooling and career paths?