Floating Islands


What biomes exist on the island?

What native creatures exist on the island?

What food sources exist on the island? (Edible indigenous plants, animals, imported foods, etc.)

What altitude is the island at?

What are the physical setting basics?

How does the island stay up?
>What keeps it from floating away?

How do they get water?

>What transportation exists to and from the island?
>Is there any importing and exporting occurring?
>>What are the imports and what are the exports?
>What is the price of real estate and what is the cost of living?

>How much space do the inhabitants have?
>>How does this affect their building structures?
>Are inhabitants able to spread out, or do they live in close proximity to others?
>Have they had to build upwards to preserve space?

What is the basic geography on the island?

How thick is the island?
>Does this affect funerary practices?

How many floating islands are there?
>What is the proximity of floating islands to non-floating islands and to other floating islands?
>>Is there a possibility of collisions?

And, of course, other setting development considerations?