How are ghosts created?
>Can anyone become a ghost?
>Does everyone become a ghost?

Does salt have an effect on ghosts?
Are ghosts corporeal?
>Can they be touched?
>Can they touch things?
>What are the restrictions on this? (Does it use a lot of energy, etc).

Are ghost inherently good or evil?
>Does it depend on what they were when alive?
>Does it depend on their emotion at their time of death?

Can people see ghosts?
>Certain people, or everyone?
>Can a ghost choose whether or not it’s visible?

Do ghosts change the temperature of the area they are in?
>What about the atmospheric pressure?
>Are either of these changes immediately noticeable, or is equipment needed to detect it?

Do ghosts leave any sort of residue?
>How is it detected?
>What does it do?

Can ghosts posses or enter people/bodies?
Can ghosts posses or enter inanimate objects?
Can ghosts be exorcised from people/places/objects?
>>What happens to them after?

Are ghosts intelligent?
>Does it depend on how they were created?
>Does it depend on how intelligent they were before they died?
>How does this intelligence show itself?