Haunted Locations (Part 1)


How frequently are places “haunted”?

What places are said to be haunted?
>Locations of homicides?
>Locations of suicides?
>Burial grounds?
>Battle grounds?
>Forests, lakes, etc?

What “proof” of hauntings exist?
>“Unaltered” photos or film?
>A series of events that “can’t be coincidences”?
>“Eyewitness” testimonies?

What occurrences happen at a “haunted” location?
>The appearance of strange lights?
>Odd or eerie sounds?
>Objects moving “on their own”?
>Doors closing/opening?
>People getting lost/“never returning”?

If a place is “haunted”, who first discovered it?
>The owner of the land or one of their employees?
>Someone who dislikes the owner of the land?
>An actually unrelated person who is not being paid?

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