Haunted Locations (Part 2)


What creatures cause hauntings?
>Other creatures?

Why do they “haunt” an area?
>Are they trying to scare away predators?
>Are they trying to keep kids off their lawns?
>Are they trying to attract mates?
>Are they bored?

What areas do they usually haunt?
>Does it depend on the type of being doing the haunting?
>Do they tend to be the places that humans think they would be? (Burial grounds, locations of deaths, etc)

Can humans tell these areas are “haunted”?
>Who started the rumor that the areas are haunted? A human? The creature doing the haunting?

What do these “hauntings” usually consist of?
>Humans being pranked?
>Humans being tortured or killed?
>Creatures acting like they normally do?

If the creature doing the “haunting” did not spread the rumor that the area was haunted, what would the creature think of such a reputation?

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