Hellish and Dystopian Societies


How long has the world been in a condition that could be considered dystopian?
>What caused this?
>What percentage (approximately) of people survived?
>What plants and animals survived?

What do people wear?
>Is there a way to get new clothing, or is it mostly just patched-up rags?
>What do people use to protect their feet?

What do people eat?
>Where do they get it?
>What do they drink?
>Are there potable water sources?
>Is there enough food and water, or are people fighting over it?
>Are there any places where people have resorted to cannibalism?

Where do people take shelter/What do people use as shelter?
>Are there any buildings?
>Have people improvised shacks?
>Do people live in caves? Trees?

What is crime like?
>Is there an organized criminal underground, or are there just lone criminals?
>Which crimes are the most prevalent?

Are there gangs? Clans?
>Do they commit crimes, or do they just serve to protect their people and land?

What weapons are used?
>Are there guns?
>>How do they get more ammunition?
>Are there bows, spears, or other weapons that use wood?
>>Do people make there own, or are there weapon crafters who sell them?

What is used as currency?

How is information spread?
>What is the main form of communication?
>Is there internet?
>>How do people power their devices?
>Do people use radios?
>Cell phones?
>Are there any long-distance forms of communication available, or is it done through letters, missives, and words?

How are wounds and illnesses treated?
>Are there working medical facilities?
>Have people turned to eating herbs and plants and hoping for the best?

What are the ambient radiation levels?
>Are there any plants left?
>What are the cancer rates?
>What is the life expectancy?
>How common are birth defects?
>What is the infant mortality rate?

What are the obesity rates?

What are the general disability rates?

What are the birth rates?

How is it run?
>Who is in control?
>How did this get set up?
>How long has it lasted without being overthrown?