Historic Sites and Landmarks


What kinds of historic sites and landmarks exist?
>Locations of important battles fought?
>Locations of historic protests?
>Locations where famous people lived? Died? Were buried?
>Locations where treaties or other important documents were signed?
>One-of-a-kind land masses? (Examples include: Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and similar.)
>Locations consisting of wholly unique architecture? (Examples include: the Great Wall of China, the Sistine Chapel, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and similar. More examples can be seen here.)
>Giant statues or monuments? (For example, the ones here.)
>Giant trees or other rare or famous plants? (The Redwoods in California, for example.)

Are these landmarks private property or public property?

Do people come to view these areas?
>How many people visit per day?
>How frequently do they come?

If they are the site of battles, do any reenactments take place?