How Fires Are Handled


What is used to extinguish fires?
>Something else?

How are fires detected or reported?
>Is there an automatic system in place or do the fires simply burn until someone notices and reports them?

About firefighters:
>Are the fire fighters paid or do they volunteer?
>Is there mandatory firefighting service?
>What are the requirements for becoming a firefighter?
>What kind of training is needed?
>Is a certain height required?
>Are they expected to go into burning buildings to save people as well, or just to put out fires?
>>If so, what equipment do they have to help them with this, if any?

What method is used to put out the fires?
>Are bucket lines used?
>Are backfires created?
>>In which situations?
>Is the fire suppressant applied using a hose?
>>Is it dropped from above?

Is there anything that can be done before professional firefighters arrive?
>Are there sprinkler systems in buildings?
>Are there portable or in-home fire extinguishers?
>>Are they easy-to use?
>>Are they easily obtained?
>>Are they affordable?

What safety regulations are in place to help prevent the spread of fires?
>Are certain building materials mandatory or banned?
>Is there a minimum distance allowed between buildings?
>Are there traffic laws favoring firefighters?
>Are there no-park zones to prevent areas from being accessed?
>Are there required emergency exits?
>Are there laws concerning the maximum occupants in a building?
>Are there sprinkler systems?
>Are there fire hydrants?
>Are there prescribed fires in high-risk areas?
>Is there an emergency system to evacuate people from people in danger from out of control fires?


Here’s a link to an interesting read about wildfire management.