Humanoids With Wings


Are they created?
>Who creates them?
>>Is it just one person, one organization, or many different organizations?
>Why are they created?
>What is the survival rate of subjects?
>How are they created?
>>Is the humanoid bred specifically for the purpose of experimentation, or can wings be put on a living subject?
>>I would like to mention that if a character was born without wings and later had them added, any offspring they produce would be wingless.
>Which animals are used as inspiration or genetic material for the creation of winged humanoids?
>Do winged humanoids possess other animal traits?
>Are they successfully able to fly?
>>How well can they control their flight?
>>How fast can they fly?
>>Would they be considered dexterous or clumsy?

Are they born?
>Are they hatched from eggs or are they live births?
>What type of wings do they have?
>>Are they like a bird’s?
>>Are they like an insect’s wings?
>>Are they like bat wings?  (Here’s how they land upside-down.)
>What other non-human features do they have?
>>How are their muscles, organs, and bones changed in order to accommodate the increased mass, need for flight, and energy used?
>Do their sleeping patterns resemble the animal their wings resemble?
>Is the animal type inherited or somehow randomized?
>Which animal types are dominant if two from different types mate?
>Is there any discrimination between types?

Concerning both born and created:
>How much do they weigh on average?
>What is their appetite like?
>Do they have arms as well as wings?
>Can they wear clothes or do their wings (or other parts) get in the way?
>>Do they have special clothes made for them?
>What is their bone density?
>What position do they prefer to sleep in?