Intelligent Weapons and Other Intelligent Items


Are intelligent weapons created using magic or technology?

>What type of magic?
>>Is it transferring a living creature’s consciousness into an item?
>>>Can the creature be transferred back into a living body?
>>>Can the creature be transferred into a different item?
>>>What happens to the creature’s body when the consciousness is placed into an item?
>>>Does the creature mentally age past the point where they were placed?
>>>Does the creature remember their bodily life?
>>Is is creating an artificial consciousness?
>How difficult is this to do correctly?
>How many people have died or been killed in failed attempts at making intelligent items?
>How many intelligent items are there?
>What can intelligent weapons and items do that other weapons and items cannot?

>At what point is an item or weapon considered intelligent?
>>Do any of the items contain artificial intelligence?
>What can intelligent weapons do?
>>Do they help the user aim?
>>Do they recognize weak points in the enemy?
>>What else can they do?
>How difficult are these weapons to program?
>>Can these items be mass produced?
>>How many creators are able to make this type of weapon?

How expensive and/or rare are these items?

Does the wielder have to get on their weapon’s good side before it will work for them to its highest capabilities?