Language Odds and Ends


Are there any oddly specific words or phrases?
>For example, the ones in this video
Are there any words or phrases that are untranslatable?
Are there any multipurpose words?
>Are these considered part of the language, or are some of them slang?
>>For example, in English, “thanks” is usually used to express gratitude, however, some people also use it to mean, “you can stop talking now”, particularly when someone is irritating them with unnecessary advice; however, the second meaning isn’t an officially recognized definition.
>As for a multipurpose phrase that are also difficult to translate, the Japanese phrase “yorushiku onegaishimasu” comes to mind. For an example of what this kind of phrase turns into when attempting translation, please follow this link
Do any of these words or phrases hint at the type of culture they are from?
Are there any popular riddles?
What are some old sayings? Things grandparents would say to grandchildren? (“No use crying over spilt milk”, for example.)
Are there any famous words, or parts of speeches that people like to quote?
Are objects considered to have a gender?
>If so, is it just male and female, or is there also a neutral gender used for some objects?
What is the overall sound of the language?
>What would an outsider think?