Magical Dependency


What can magic do that could previously only be done without magic?
>Can magic make food?
>Can magic produce items, such as furniture or clothing?
>Can magic move things/people?
>>How much weight can be moved magically?
>>How far can items and people be moved?
>>How much finesse can items and people be moved with?
>Can magic defend things/people?
>>What kind of damage does it protect things from?
>>>Stabs or slices?
>Can magic be used to lock doors/windows/etc?
>>Can it also unlock these things?
>>Does there have to be an actual lock in order to keep things shut, or can the magic keep anything shut or otherwise keep multiple things together?
>Can magic clean things?
>Can magic be used to see and hear things that are not present (in the same way radio or television can)?
>Can magic be used in place of factories, and other places in which items are mass-produced?

Which of these things are easier (in terms of time, effort, and cost) to do with magic, and which ones are usually left to be done in a non-magical manner?

Do mechanical means to do these things still exist?
>What percentage of the population can use these non-magical means?

If the magic were to disappear/shut off, would society be able to function?