Magical Integration


In the Armies

>Are there enough magic users for magic users to have their own division?
>>Are there any divisions where magic users are preferred to non-magic users?
>>Are there any divisions where only magic users will be promoted?
>>Are magic users allowed to choose which division they are in, or are their divisions/branches assigned for them based off of what type of magic they can use?

>Are there any types of magic that are barred from use?
>>Are these dependent on the division?
>>Are these recognized countrywide?
>>Are these recognized internationally?

>Which magical abilities are considered the most useful?
>>What areas are these abilities considered most useful in?
>>Is there any magical ability that’s considered universally useful?


Magic Vs. Technology

For each of the following categories, decide whether magic or technology is superior in the following ways: cost/availability, safety, and quality.
>Information gathering
>Item manufacturing