Magical Scrolls and Runes


>What language/s can scrolls be written in and still work?
>>Are there any restrictions?
>>>Will a scroll work if anything is misspelled?
>>>Will a scroll work if it is messily scribed?
>How are scrolls activated?
>>Are they activated by reading it?
>>>Does it have to be read aloud?
>>>If the reader doesn’t understand the language, will it still activate the scroll?
>>>If the person knows what it says, can they simply say what is on the scroll to activate it?
>>Is a small bit of magic put into the scroll to activate it (no reading necessary)?
>What kinds of magic and what type of spells can be put onto a scroll?
>Who can scribe magic scrolls?
>>How long does it take to scribe a scroll?
>>How much practice is required to successfully scribe a scroll?
>Who can cast spells from scrolls?
>>Does someone need to know how to cast magic themselves in order to use a scroll, or do they just need to read it?
>Are special supplies needed to scribe scrolls?
>>Is a special ink required?
>>Is a special paper required?
>>Is a special writing utensil required?
>How many times can a scroll be used?
>What happens if the scroll is damaged?
>How long does it take to cast from a scroll?

>How long do runes last?
>>Are the effects continuous or are they inactive until a certain time?
>Can runes be activated remotely by the creator?
>What types of magic runes are there?
>If the rune requires it be read in order for it to activate, what happens if someone doesn’t know what the runes mean?
>What happens if the would-be recipient only glanced at the runes without actually paying enough attention to comprehend them?