Who can marry
>What is the minimum age for marriage?
>>What is minimum age for betrothal?
>How many spouses can a person have?
>>If the species is sexually dimorphic, does this depend on if the person’s sex?
>Are same sex marriages allowed?

What do traditional marriage ceremonies consist of?

>Do betrothals have to be advertised publicly, such as in a newspaper of at a church?

History of weddings
>Are the origins of marriage known?
>>For what purpose was marriage created?
>When did marriage change to its current form?
>Is marriage inherently religious, or are there secular marriages?
>Is courtship expected?
>>What are the major milestones expected during courtship? (First date, anniversary, first kiss, etc.)
>Are marriages usually arranged or are they more often amorous?
>>Are political marriages common?

Are there any visual signifies of marriage? (Usually jewelry or clothing worn only by married people.)