Medicine (Preventative)


>How were vaccines invented?
>How long ago were they invented?
>How wide-spread is vaccine use?
>What diseases can people in your setting be vaccinated against?

Routine check-ups/exams
>What routine exams exist?
>>What conditions are there routine exams for?
>At what age do people get routine exams?
>How frequently do people get examined?

Habits and remedies for when people feel malaise, or that people suggest to those who are feeling under the weather?
>Are there any vitamin supplements that people go to when feeling ill?
>Are there any foods that people eat when they aren’t feeling well?
>Have there been any scientific studies supporting these food choices?
>Do people tend to sleep more or nap when they feel they are coming down with something?
>Are there over-the-counter medications designed to boost the immune system or cut down the duration of illnesses?