Would your character like fireworks?
>Why or why not?
>>Yes because they’re pretty?
>>Yes because of the smell?
>>Yes because you get to light things on fire?
>>No because of the smell?
>>No because of the mess?
>>No because of the noise?
>>No because ohgodtheenemy'sherewe'reallgonnadietakeshelter?

Does your character have any verbal habits that may be annoying to others?
>Do they have any words they repeat too much? (For example: literally, totally, like)
>Do they have any words they constantly mispronounce? (Aluminum/Aluminium, candidate, espresso, especially)
>Do they have any phrases or idioms they always get wrong? (”Doggy-dog world” instead of “dog-eat-dog world”, “for all intensive purposes” instead of “for all intents and purposes”, etc.)

Of the three, which would your character prefer to drink: water, tea, or coffee?
>Are they able to drink it plain?
>>If so, are they proud of the fact?
>Do they need to add something to it to make it palatable? (For example: lemon, drink mix, or ice to water; sugar, honey, ice, or cream to tea; creamer, milk, whipped topping, caramel, chocolate, etc. to coffee.)

If your character was to order a food dish where there was a sliding scale of spiciness, what level would they order? (Say 0 = not spicy, 6 = very spicy)
>If your character chooses very spicy, is it because they enjoy the spice?
>Are they just trying to show off?
>Are they trying to avoid being asked to perform oral sex later?

Does your character have spare time?
>If so, what do they do in their spare time?
>If not, why?
>>Is your character an overachiever and thus too busy?
>>Is your character lower income and always busy working to survive?

How does your character interact with people they find physically unattractive as opposed to people they find physically attractive?
>Does your character weigh another person’s argument/statement based on facts and logic, or do they give preference to people they are attracted to?

What kind of desserts do they like?
>Cinnamon candies?
>Sour candies?
>Ice cream?
>Fresh fruit?
>Dried fruit?
>Another helping of whatever meal they just finished?

If your character were to eat out, would they order appetizers?
Do they order a drink or stick with water?

How does your character feel about body modification?
>How would they define body modification versus bodily mutilation?
>Do they believe there’s a difference?

What are the bathing habits of your character?
>Does your character bathe regularly? (Daily, every other day, Tuesdays and Fridays, weekly, monthly, etc)
>How does this affect the health of their hair? For example, if a character with very long hair were to wash and shampoo it daily, it would become dry and straw-like very quickly. Or, if a character was to have their hair dyed in an abnormal color, frequent washing would quickly fade the dye– your character would have to adjust their bathing habits if they wished to avoid this.
>Does your character only bathe when they feel dirty?
>Does you character prefer showers? Baths? A rub down with a damp towel? A handful of baby wipes?
>Does your character bathe thoroughly? Bottoms of their feet? Behind their ears?
>Do they brush their teeth while they bathe?
>Do they masturbate?
>Does your character ever/often have to get right back into the bath/shower/etc because they had forgotten to wash something?
>Do they sing/dance while they bathe?
>Do they stay in until the water is cold and they risk hypothermia?

Is your character prone to following fashion trends?
>What about trends like hair color/hair style?
>Skin tone? (Tanning, sunscreen and covering up, etc)
>Does your character happen to look like something that just became fashionable?
>>How does this affect your character?
>>Do people treat your character differently? For example, is your character suddenly popular or are they treated like a poser?
>Is your character’s appearance so out of fashion that they receive threats/harassment? (For example, if your character likes to be tan, but paler skin is popular, do people accuse your character of racism, using “blackface”, or “cultural appropriation”? If your character is paler than what if popular, are they accused or white supremacism or wannabe-vampirism? If their hair is longer, do they get called a hippie? A faggot? If it’s darker are they a “school-shooter”, “emo”, or “goth”?)(In terms relative to setting, of course.)
>Does your character follow fashion trends in an attempt to fit in?
>Because they happen to like the style?
>Peer pressure?
>Because their parents/guardians buy their clothes without their input?
>Because it was on sale and they just really don’t care?

When going out to eat, does your character prefer something they know they like or something new?
>Would your character prefer to try an unfamiliar restaurant/cuisine, or one they are familiar with?
>If your character when to a restaurant they are familiar with, would they have their regular or something new?
>>Does your character even have a “regular” order? (If your character orders some type of burger or some type of salad, you should probably count that as a regular.)

Does your character know what they want to do with their life?
>Did they always know?
>When (if ever) did they discover what they wanted?
>Are they still exploring their options?
>If your character doesn’t know, does this lack of knowledge/certainty cause your character distress?
>If your character was suddenly flung into a different universe or suffered some kind of permanent affliction which left them disabled, would your character be relieved that they hadn’t yet figured it out (thus not having their plans ruined), or would they be distressed because they can no longer do what they had planned? (Assume in the alternate universe such a thing does not exist, or that the affliction specifically prevents them from doing what they had decided from themselves.)

Does your character believe in things like horoscopes and astrology (assuming your character is from a setting where such things are novelty hogwash)?
>Does your character actually believe in such things, or do they simply find it amusing?
>>If not, do they scorn people who are interested in such things and/or believe in such things?
>>Is there a reason why?
>>Does your character think it’s juvenile?
>>Are they genuinely worried that the person/people are too gullible and will be taken advantage of?
>>Does your character receive a sense of satisfaction or smugness for looking down on people that believe such things?
>>>Does your character also feel this way towards people of a different theism?

Does your character enjoy reading?
>If so, what genre/s?
>>Teen lit?
>>Young adult?
>>Adult literature?
>>Something else?
>Does your character know the difference between science fiction and fantasy?

What does your character think of designer knock-offs?
>Do they believe it’s never okay?
>>How did they form this opinion? Have they had an idea/design ripped off?
>>Do they know someone personally who has?
>>Do they think this way because they were taught to?
>Do they believe it’s okay if it’s advertised as such? (For example: “inspired by”, or “based off of” labels)
>Do they not even care?

Does your character know how to shop in order to get the best deals?
>For department stores and such, it would be skills like using coupons, store club cards, and knowing when a type of items will be at the highest clearance discount.
>Does your character know how to shop at thrift stores, or do small at-home alterations to save money?
>Does your character know how to shop in grocery stores and get the best deals (checking the by-weight price, buying an item from a different aisle, buying things that will be used quickly from the clearance bin of things nearing their sell-by date, etc)?

If your character dislikes a book (or similar), are they more likely to say, “I did not enjoy it,” or “it sucked”?
>Is your character able to set aside personal preference to see objective worth/value of such things?
>Is your character able to admit when something they like is low quality?
>>Or do they insist it’s great because they like it?

What house would the sorting hat put your character in?
>Does your character have a preference?
>Would your character like Harry Potter?

What was your character’s first experience with death?
>A pet?
>A relative?
>A friend?
>A character in a movie/play/story/game?
How did this affect them?

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