How does your character react when they hear a well-written piece of music that they don’t particularly care for?
>How do they react when they really dislike it?
>Are they able to acknowledge its merits, or do they only care about their opinions?

If your character were lost in an unfamiliar desert, what would they do?
>How likely is it they would be able to survive?

If your character were lost in an unfamiliar forest, what would they do?
>How likely is it they would be able to survive?

How do animals tend to react to your character?
>Is your character able to change this if it’s negative?

Does your character know the flag of their country?
>Does your character know any other flags?

What would your character’s reaction be upon receiving a gift they didn’t like?
>What would it be if your character had told the gift-giver multiple times that they did not want that sort of thing?

How would your character’s best friend describe your character?
>How would one of your character’s acquaintances describe your character?
>How would your character’s employer describe your character?

Has your character ever had a nosebleed?
>What caused it?

Has your character ever been tired, but couldn’t fall asleep?
>How often does this happen to them?
>How do they deal with it?

When in their home, does your character prefer to have their feet covered or no? (Shoes, socks, slippers, etc)
>What about when they are in the home of a friend?

How long does it take your character’s hair to dry naturally?
>Does your character use something to speed up the process?
>What do they do with their hair while it’s drying? (Wrap it in a towel, put it up, etc)

Is your character prone to purchasing articles of clothing and accessories that they never wear?
>If so, why?

Would your character enjoy a holiday that revolves around romance?
>Would they be fine with other people enjoying it, even if they aren’t?

Does your character get excited about their birthdays?
>Is your character apathetic to them?
>Does your character dread their arrival?

How easily can your character be persuaded to wear something they don’t want to wear?
>Does it depend on who’s asking?
>Does it depend on the reason they’re being asked?

Is your character skilled at detecting forgeries?
>What kind?
>How did they develop this skill?

Has your character ever tried to forge a note?
>What for?
>Did it work?

If your character could go back in time, once, and change one thing, to when would they go and what would they do?

If your character could change one thing about their appearance, what would they choose to change?

What holidays does your character celebrate?
>Why do they celebrate these?
>>Does your character enjoy these celebrations?
>How do they celebrate them?
>Who do they celebrate them with?

Does your character have any interest in having children?
>Do they already have children?
>Would they consider adopting, or do they want a biological child?

Does your character know how to swim?
>Can they swim well, or just enough to manage in an emergency?

How often does your character use words they don’t actually know the meaning of?
>Why do they do this? (Do they think they know the meaning, but are mistaken? Are they trying to impress someone? etc)

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