Has your character ever seen a tornado?
>In person or as a recording?
>Were they frightened?

How does your character react when someone they’re speaking to is mumbling?
>How do they react when the person ignores them?

Has your character ever been annoyed by their own voice or accent?
>What caused this? Were they comparing their voice to others’?
>Did someone insult or joke about it?

How often, if ever, does your character get headaches?
>Do they know the cause of the headaches?
>>What is it?
>How does your character deal with headaches?
>>Is it effective?
>Have they ever gotten a migraine?

How often does your character voice their opinions when their opinions differ from those around them?
>Does your character ever pretend to have the same opinions as others?

Has your character ever gotten a sunburn?
>How long were they in the sun before this happened?
>How bad was it?
>How did they treat it?

Is your character the favorite child of their parents?
>If not, does your character resent the favorite child?

Does your character have any siblings?
>Are they older or younger?
>Does your character, on the whole, get along with them?
>Which sibling does your character like most?
>Which sibling does your character like least?

Has your character ever eaten an egg that was not a chicken’s egg?
>What type of egg was it?

Has your character ever used baby-talk when speaking to something other than a baby?

Does your character complain when there is something to legitimately complain about?
>Do they complain when there’s nothing to complain about?

How does your character feel when they hear about someone who is both younger than your character and more accomplished than they are?
>How would they feel if almost everything else between them and this person was the same?

Does your character think they are creative?
>Do others think your character is creative?

Has your character ever pranked anyone?
>Have they ever been pranked?

Has your character ever drawn or written on walls?
>Did they get in trouble for it?

How often does your character not feel like doing anything?
>Do they still do things despite this?

If your character had to choose between saving the life of a child they didn’t know or saving the life of someone they cared about deeply, which would they choose?
>If the person they cared about was not a nice person, but still much beloved, would this change your character’s choice?

Has your character ever worn a pair of contact lenses?
>Were they for vision or were they to change your character’s eye color?

If your character were to build a camp fire, what method would they use?
>Is it likely that they would succeed?
>How would they light it? (Matches, lighter, fire-breath, a 9V and steel wool, a couple of rocks, etc)

Would your character be more likely to assemble a snap-together model or a glue-together model?

When your character is both hungry and tired, which of the two will your character usually take care of first?

If your character only needed one of an item, but it was on a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale, would your character get a second one?
>What if it was a buy-one-get-one-free sale?

How much water does your character drink in a day?
>What (approximate) of what they drink in a day is just water? (None, half, three quarters, all, etc)

If your character likes something that has poor craftsmanship and is all-around low quality (from an objective point of view), how would your character react if someone were to criticize the thing in question?
>Would they be able to acknowledge its flaws, or would they ignore them in favor of their opinion?

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