Does your character believe any definitively false myths concerning health? (Things like worms growing behind your ears if you don’t wash them, or gum staying in your digestive tract for seven years.)
>Did they ever believe any?

Does your character know how to play any instruments?
>Which one/s?
>Do they enjoy playing them?

Has your character ever won an award?
>What was the award for?
>Are they proud of it?

Would your character be willing to fight to protect their country?
>Why or why not?

Has your character ever been a member of a club or similar organized group?
>What did the group do?
>Did they enjoy it?
>Did they learn things from it?
>>What kinds of things?

How well can your character balance on an icy surface?
>Are they able to stand upright without assistance?
>Are they able to move without falling?

Are there any professions your character looks down on?
>Do they look down on people in these professions as well, or would they simply never join that profession?

Has your character ever eaten grass?

What does your character do when they are terrified?
>Do they scream?
>Do they run?
>Do they freeze?
>Do they get irritable and rude?
>Do they get overly polite?
>Do they react some other way?

Has your character ever used a made-up scoring guide to express how impressive they are?
>What do they call the scores they give? (Cool points? Awesome points? etc)

If given the choice, would your character live in the city, the suburbs, or the country?
Of those, which would they least care to live in?

Has your character ever been in a situation where they had to pretend to be dead?
>What was the situation?
>Were they convincing?

How often does your character run?
>This doesn’t just mean going for a run, but also includes games that have running (soccer, tag, duck duck goose, kickball, etc) as well as running back to the kitchen before their dinner burns.

What type of closure does your character prefer on their clothing?
>Safety pins?
>Something else?
>Do they prefer clothing without closures?

Has your character ever been given a less than desirable nickname by one of their friends?
>What was it and why were they given it?
>Does your character mind this?

Would your character be the type that would use hashtags when speaking?
>When typing?

Has your character ever sang in front of other people?
>Have they sang in front of someone who is not their blood relative?

Has your character ever had a concussion?
>What was it from?
>How long did it last?

Is your character the type that would floss their teeth regularly?
>Would they floss if they felt they had something stuck between their teeth?
>>Would they use a toothpick instead?
>>Would they just use their tongue or fingers to get the object out?

Is your character able to remember what other people wear?
>How long does this memory last?
>>Can they remember what someone wore a week ago?

Does your character associate any colors with emotions?
>Which colors (and which emotions)?

If your character were to remove an adhesive bandage, would they do so quickly or slowly?
>Would they need to psych themselves up first?

How likely is your character to get worked up about historical events that did not affect them?
>What about current events that don’t affect them?

Are there any languages your character dislikes the sound of?
>What is it about those languages that your character dislikes?

Has your character ever worn earplugs or an eye mask while sleeping?
>If so, why?
>If not, why not?

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