Does your character know what they want to do with the rest of their life?
>If so, what and why?
>If not, have they narrowed down their options at all?

If your character were to learn a new language, what approach would they take?
>Would they start by learning a few key phrases?
>Building their vocabulary?
>Studying the grammar?
Would they focus more on reading/writing or speaking/listening?

Does your character prefer to keep necessities stocked in their home, or do they purchase them as they need them?
>If they purchase as they need them, how often do they run out accidentally?

Has anyone in your character’s family ever suffered from addiction?
>Are they isolated cases or are people in your character’s family predisposed to addiction?

Is your character the type that would agree to the first compromise given, or would they negotiate past that?
>Would they still agree to the first offer even if it blatantly favored the other party?

Does your character have a person they always go to when they require advice?
>If so, is it a different person depending on the type of advice, or is it always the same person?
>If not, do they wish they had someone that could be their go-to?

What type of pain does your character find most debilitating?
>Physical pain?
>>Burning? Stabbing? Throbbing? Aching? Etc
>Emotional pain?
>>Depression? Stress? Anxiety? Betrayal? Embarrassment? Etc
>Does your character know?
>>How did your character figure this out?
>Does anyone else know?
>>How did they learn this information?
>>>Did they find out through observation? Trial and error? Did your character tell them?

Does your character trust products that are free?
>Are the suspicious of the motive of the person/company providing the free product, or are they more suspicious of the product’s ability to perform its intended task? (In other words, are they looking for ulterior motives, or do they believe the product to be unusable due to poor quality?)

Are there any types of music your character hates on principle?
>Which ones, and why?

How often does your character look back at who they used to be?
>Do they tend to prefer who they used to be, or do they prefer who they’ve become?

Does your character have a color they default to when purchasing clothing?
>What is it?
>Why do they default to this color? (Is it their favorite color? Does it remind them of something? Do they think it suits them?)

What is the longest your character has ever spent styling their hair?
>Is this a normal thing?
>Why did it take so long?

Has your character ever eaten raw meat?
>Did they get sick from it?

How often does your character use filler words when speaking?
>Do they also use filler words when writing?

If one of your characters’ friends or family members broke the law, would your character report it to the authorities, or would they feel compelled to keep to secrecy?
>Does it depend on the crime?
>>If so, what are the crimes that your character would report?

Has your character ever seen a fire that was a color other than the standard orangish color?
>What color was it?
>What caused it? (Beach wood? Newspaper? Magic? Added chemicals? Etc)

Has your character ever had to memorize a phone number?
>Can they still remember it even if they don’t need to anymore?

How quickly can your character separate items into two even piles? (Don’t give an exact time on this one, as the type of item and amount of items to be split isn’t specified.)
>Do they have to count out each item to make sure their correct, or are they able to accurately eyeball it?

Has your character ever been grounded as punishment?
>What did they do to get grounded?
>For how long were they grounded?

When panicking, what is the most likely thing your character will do?
>Run around in circles?

Has your character ever tried to maintain a garden?
>What type?
>Did it work?

Has your character ever been hit in the face?
>Who or what hit them?
>Was it intentional?

How far does your character open a door before going through?
>Do they open it enough to sidestep through?
>Do they open it until it’s about perpendicular to where it was?
>Do they shove it open as far as it will go?

Has your character ever eaten so quickly they became ill?
>How often does this happen?

Has your character ever tried to pick a lock?
>Did it work?
>Were they caught?

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