If your character were to dress up for a holiday like Halloween, what type of costume would they prefer?

How many coffee mugs does your character own?
>How many of them do they use?

Does your character like or dislike thunder and lightning?

Does your character have a favorite gemstone?
>What is it, and why is it their favorite?

Does your character know anyone that is double-jointed?
>Do they think it’s weird or impressive?

How often does your character compliment their friends?

What is your character’s current goal that they are working toward?
>How long have they been working toward this goal?
>Are they satisfied with their progress toward this goal?

Does your character lift their dishes while eating?
>Is this normal in your character’s family?
>Is this normal in your character’s location?

Is there anyone your character would genuinely wish harm or misfortune upon?
>Who and why?

How often does your character go through their possessions and purge things they no longer want or need?
>If the possession is in a shabby condition, are they more likely to throw it away or to donate it?
>If the possession is in good condition, are they more likely to sell it or to donate it?

Has your character ever met someone with the same name as them?
>Does their name have the same spelling, or just the same pronunciation?

Has your character ever been in a vehicular accident?
>Was it their fault?

What position does your character find most comfortable to sit in for long periods of time?
>Is this the same position they prefer for short periods of time?

How easily does your character wake up?
>Is this a problem for them?

How often does your character wash their clothes?
>Is this normal for people in your setting?

How often does your character claim to dislike something they actually enjoy?
>Why do they do this?

How high can your character jump?
>How far?

Has your character ever been rock climbing?
>Was it a wall made specifically to climb or was it actual rocks?

Who would your character list as their emergency contact?
>Who is their next-of-kin?

What is the longest amount of time your character has ever spent on a single project?
>What was/is the project?
>Is it completed?

What is the longest amount of time your character has spend preparing a gift for someone?
>What was the gift?
>Who was it for?

Has your character ever attempted to open a bottle with their teeth?
>Were they successful?

How likely is your character to bring up politics in a conversation with their friends?
>How likely are they to bring up politics in conversation with strangers?

How much of your character’s childhood does your character remember?
>What memory stands out most to them?

Can your character speak multiple languages? (Make sure to consider if this is reasonable in your setting.)
>What languages?
>How did they learn these languages?
>How often do they use their non-native language/s?

Is your character active?
>Would your character describe themselves as active?

What is the most money your character has ever spent on a single beverage?
>What was the beverage?
>Did your character think it was worth it afterwards?

Does your character believe in love at first sight?
>Do they believe in soul mates?

Has your character ever made a pillow fort?
>When was the last time they did this?

Has your character ever tried to catch a frog?
>What for?
>Were they successful?

What is the oldest age anyone in your character’s blood-related family has lived?
>Did your character ever meet this person?

Does your character keep a list of books they wish to read?
>Do they keep a list of movies they wish to see?

How many pairs of footwear does your character own?
>Do they regularly wear them all?

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