Does your character have a favorite type of tree?
>Why or why not?

What is your character’s most-dislike food ingredient?

Was your character’s birth easy on their mother?
>What about the timing of the birth? Did it wake the mother up? Did it interrupt dinner?

What is your character’s favorite story?
>This can include anything from myths, folklore, and religious tales, to books, or that story about how uncle Bob accidentally drank a wolf spider that had drowned in his ale.

What is your character’s favorite book?
>If your character has never read a book, what do you think your character’s favorite book would be, had they the chance to read?

How familiar is your character with the smell of burnt human hair?
>Would they be able to recognize it immediately?
>How did they gain this experience?

What is the worst thing (objectively) your character has ever done?
>What does your character believe is the worst thing they’ve ever done?

How do the members of your character’s family address your character?
>Do they use family labels? (Brother, sister, son, daughter, etc)
>Do they use each others’ names?
>Pet names? (Sweetie, Pumpkin, Hon, Champ, Buddy, Princess, etc)
>Does it depend on the situation?

How loud is your character’s voice?
>Has this ever caused them problems?

What name does your character prefer to go by?
>One of their names? (First, middle, last)
>A derivation of one of their names?
>A nickname unrelated to their name?

What is the first thing your character looks at when observing the reflection of their head?
>What is the first thing your character looks at when observing their full body reflection?
>Are these the same features they look at first when observing the appearances of others?

Does your character prefer to eat many small meals, or a few large meals?
>Does your character change this depending on what food is available?

What’s the longest your character’s hair has even been?
>Was this intentional, or were there circumstances outside your character’s control that played a part? (This includes outside circumstances that prevents the character’s hair from growing longer, such as a male character trying to get a job, or any character whose genetics simply don’t allow for long hair.)

If your character were to have a blog or similar, how many followers would they need before they considered it a success?
>Any amount equal to or greater than the number of posts?

What part of your character’s shoes gets worn out first?
>For example, if your character has wide feet, the side seams likely would be worn out first; if your character shuffles their feet when they walk, the treads would probably wear out first, etc.

Is your character employed?
>If so, do they, on the whole, enjoy their job?
>If not, do they wish they were?

Does your character have a preferred password they use for multiple accounts online, or do the have a different password for each account?
>If the passwords are all different, how to they remember which one goes to which account?
>If they use the same password, what do they do when the system requires them to create a new password, such as a site or system that requires a new password each year?

Does your character like chocolate?
>Do they have a preference of brand or form? (Form as in truffles, bar, chips, pudding, cake, etc)
>What type to they prefer? White? Milk? Dark?
>>If dark, what percentage of cacao?

What does your character call the carbonated beverage made from water and syrup?
>Soda pop?
>Something else?
>Does your character like this beverage?
>>If so, what is their favorite flavor?
>>What is their favorite brand? Coke? Pepsi?

Does your character part their hair?
>If so, where? (Center, left, right, zig-zagged, etc.)
>>Does this change for certain hair styles, or is it always the same?

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